Buying a house in the Bodrum

Area Guide to Bodrum in Turkey and Why it is a Major Tourist Hub Cosmopolitan Bodrum in Turkey sits on the west coast and is a thriving destination for both holidaymakers and ex-pats looking to move and live abroad permanently. Having long promoted a hedonistic lifestyle, it attracts all levels of society from budget backpackers to world-renowned millionaires. Known for windmills, and whitewashed houses...

About Antalya

Why is Antalya So Popular ? If you are one of many asking why is Antalya so popular, we can list hundreds of reasons. But let us start with some stats that prove its popularity. So far, in 2019, 15 million people visited the region. That is the same amount that visits Istanbul, Turkey’s top tourist destination. Such is the demand, airlines are looking at new flight schedules for next year, as they...

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