Turkish Citizenship For Foreigners

In the investment program that allows foreigners to acquire citizenship with the law that entered into force in 2018, the citizenship fee in Turkey was set at USD 250,000. Effective June 13, 2022, the minimum purchase amount for the Turkish Citizenship program is now USD 400,000.

How do I invest in real estate to obtain Turkish citizenship?

You need to buy a property in Turkey, or more than one property priced above 400,000 USD. You then apply to the (Title Deeds Office) called the Tapu Office, the Cadastre and General Directorate of Land Registry, this is for Turkish citizenship. Once you have applied to the relevant offices they will check all the paper work and bank transfer documents to ensure all is in order. Once the documents have been approved it can take up to 7 working days for the Tapu Office to give their approval for your citizenship.
The next stage is to apply at the Immigration Office for a temporary residency permit. Once this has been approved you then apply to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship. This can be done on the same day; once again you don’t need to wait for an appointment. After the applications the process for citizenship is carried out at the Citizenship Information Offices in Ankara or Istanbul.

Will my family be given Turkish citizenship too?


You will be given Turkish citizenship, your husband or wife plus any children you have less than 18 years old. You should all be granted Turkish citizenship. Villas for sale in Turkey are suitable for families.

Can I buy more than one property for the investment price?

Yes, you can either buy one property to the value of 400,000 USD or multiple. You may choose to buy one property to live in and one to rent out which will give you an income. You will need to apply to the offices mentioned above at the same time for all your properties. Remember the total paid for all properties must be at least 400,000 USD. We tell our investors that renting is not a sensible investment and we enable them to get citizenship and exit with very profitable business models.

What does the office of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization do?

This office checks the value of the property/properties shown on the Tapu (Title Deeds) is correct and the property is valued above 400,000 USD with sworn appraisers carrying this out. They check that all of the property value is paid by bank transfer to the sellers of the property. It’s important that a paper trail can verify this.

What exchange rate will be given?

This must be done on the application date so the most recent exchange rate from USD to TL is given. The Tapu Office will calculate for you from the Turkish Central Bank selling rate, when you buy your property for sale in Turkey.

Will I definitely be granted Turkish citizenship when I buy a property for 400,000 USD?

Possibly not, as citizenship does not only apply to buying a property for 400,000 USD. The applicant must not pose as a threat to national security. The records of national security offices will need to be verified. Apartments for sale in Turkey are perfect for those who enjoy living in a city.

Is it possible for me to buy a commercial property with rental income and be granted Turkish citizenship by investment?

Yes it is – it doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial property or a residential one.

I want Turkish citizenship but busy at work so can’t get to Turkey, can I still apply for it?

Of course you can still apply for citizenship all you need to do is send power of attorney to Kuzyaka Group  and we can handle it for you.

What documents do I need to provide to apply for Turkish citizenship?

Contact us at Kuzyaka Group , tell us where and what type of property you are looking for. We can then give you all the information you will need regarding submitting documents.

What if any are the advantages of Turkish citizenship?

You and your family can start a new life in a new and upcoming country (children under the age of 18 will be given citizenship too).
On application you do not need to give an account of your assets or your income in your home country or any other country you may have assets in.
You don’t have to reside full time in Turkey or live for a specific amount of time during each year in Turkey. You can live where you choose when you have your residency permit it will not hinder your application for citizenship.
It will allow you to travel to different countries and some will not need you to apply for visas. Most of the countries allow Turkish citizens to stay from 30 – 90 days travelling visa free. Please look on the Turkish Government website for countries you are able to visit freely as a Turkish citizen.
the Visa Liberalization Dialogue was launched, to allow Turkish citizens to travel without the need for a visa to Schengen countries, from Turkey and Europe. Another 26 European countries are expected be added to the list of around 110 countries where Turkish citizens are able to visit, it’s known as the Schengen Visa.
If the above hasn’t yet convinced you of all of the benefits of having Turkish citizenship, think of this, having a second passport gives you more freedom to travel and to settle in a new country if need be. Above all else and more importantly, it gives you and your family options for the future. Look at our Guide of Turkey to see where you want to purchase your Turkish property.

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