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Muharrem Kuzyaka formed Kuzyaka Group  to cater specifically to high net worth clients including successful business executives,politicians, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and celebrities using a private banking client model. His experience as a wealth management specialist and real estate attorney with knowledge of estate and probate laws enhances his ability to service real estate clients. 

In 2019, it broke a record by selling 217 flats, 63 offices, 28 villas, 2 5-star hotels and many investment lands.

Muharrem kuzyaka has been serving as a licensed real estate agent for 14 years to local and foreign customers specialized in the sector. He works with investors from many countries.

Kuzyaka Group  represents the finest estates across the Turkey and was ranked in the top 5 luxury real estate agents in the Turkey by the  real estate association committee.

With an exclusive network of high-net-worth clientele, the firm provides an unprecedented level of service, expertise and global reach.

Concierge services include secured transportation for out-of-state buyers and executive bodyguard services for high profile clients concerned with privacy and personal security. These services are provided through our extensive network of affiliate partners.

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Kuzyaka Group is an undisputed leader in İstanbul, Antalya,Konya luxury real estate. In his more than 14 years of experience in the industry, he has built a loyal client base through his integrity, professionalism, and ability to deliver results.


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Avukat ve lisanslı bir müthahit olarak Muharrem Kuzyaka gayrimenkul işlemlerinizde bensersiz bir temsiliyet sağlar.Kendisiyle 2019 yılında tanıştık.İlk yılımızda 11 daireden fazla alım satımda bizi temsil etti, birlikte iş yapmak zevkliydi.Üretip sattığım bir daireyi tekrar bana satan tek kişi olabilir.Fırsatları önceden gören yetenekli bir partner başarılarının devamını dilerim.
Süleyman Yıldırım
Building Contractor
I had to invest in Turkey for citizenship. I reached him on the recommendation of someone else. He and his team helped me with all my problems for days without getting tired. If it were me, I wouldn't be so patient. Now that I am a Turkish citizen, I am grateful to him for every investment he has made for me. I dream of the days when I will host him in my own land in Syria when I return to my country after the war.
Dr. Enes Tahan
I have heard that many Turkish and foreign football players in the football community manage their real estate. I knew the company didn't work with rental properties, but I asked him for help for a friend. Muharrem solved our problem by offering many options in two days. And he did not take any commission for this help. He honored me to my friend. I wanted to write this, thank you brother for your help
Jeremy Menez

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